LTC - How fast can LTC grow? 166 to the MOON!!!???

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
LTC has recovered very bullishly from this recent dip. I've mapped all the convergence points on the upcoming bull run. The more points and the larger the dip, the more important that point is as the new resistance to punch through. ALSO, there's a major linear trendline that hasn't been broken in months since 420.

LTC really has no real resistance as most of these dip points are of low volatility AND the bull run up to 420 was without breaking points MEANING, the next bull run for LTC only has to worry about one side of the mountain for convergence points, not 2, twice as much, both sides. This makes LTC unique in this way. Get ready for it's LTCBTC             chart to change in ratio!!

I believe a 2x in the next month is very easy to imagine, similar to what ETH did a couple months ago going from 350 to 700. 600-840 LTC seems reasonable, settling in the 600-500 after a consolidation fib wedge . I'll line out charts when we have lines to draw off. LTC may follow BTC             in its BEARish recovery at first so the market is still unsure. Transitions...

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