LTCUSD: Litecoin 30% profit in the short term, hold long term

BITFINEX:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
Because of the announcement of Litepay happening this month, I see short term bullish momentum heading towards the 220 USD range. If you bought around the recent dip, this would be a great opportunity to lock in some profits on your nearly 200% gain. I would say that holding for the long term is the best overall strategy for this currency.

If this becomes a serious technology and people begin to sign up to accept it as payment, we may se continued growth and even possibly a re-test of the all time high?

Thanks for looking, and for gods sake HODL !!!

I like Litecoin and I can not lie
You other traders can't deny
That when coin comes in with an itty bitty fee
And fast transactions in your face
You get sprung...

Personal disclaimer:

Don't take any of my published ideas as reality. Always make educated decisions before doing anything with your investments. Use my charts for educational purposes only. Trade at your own risk.

Bình luận: Still looking pretty good as of February 9th. Bounced off resistance and heading upwards!
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