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#LTC #LITECOIN +34% target $204 next 17 hours

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Đô la Mỹ
Litecoin bounce has completed, one of the top performing coins in my portfolio in the last 24 hours. I just bought another 50% more for my portfolio from coinbase and holding in Litecoin for the night. Let's get these rallies started!
Bình luận: On track. Bullish flag breakout completed. Elevator doors are closed.

Đóng lệnh: dừng lỗ: Well that broke off.. thanks bitcoin!
Bình luận: I decided to re-up on this one. I took my funds from BTC and from NEO and put those into LTC, along with my LTC from yesterday. The drop off wasn't that bad, and BTC actually fell more than LTC during the last 24 hours.

Recalculated on the 4h chart and I see the following target, just under $200.

The reason is because I see the 4h chart shows a bullish flag and we are likely just completing this flag. Monday morning could bring good or bad news, but Litepay is on the way this week, so I'm holding Litecoin.

I'll also say that I've rarely held litecoin more than a few hours since 2013/2014 when I lost a significant amount of funds from Litecoin. Back then it went from about $30 to $3 and I've pretty much sworn off Litecoin since then. However, I see good things happening with it lately, so my confidence is restored and I'm willing to take the risk on this one. I'm hoping to see +30% within the week, but would be nice to see within the next 2-3 days.

Bình luận: No where is safe.. except maybe the declining USD.. or the risky USDT.. hmm...

H&S formation.. 40% drop incoming.

Unfollowing this guy.
He really do not know what he do.
LTC is clearly moving with BTC
Last week BTC dropped to 7600
LTC reacted by going down to 102

This week LTC is showing lots of support for each level. BTC dropped below 6k but LTC is above 100. There is no way that it will go down to 60 or 70
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Tin.Foil contactr2m
@contactr2m, Please do.. BTW, everything moves with BTC.
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Ramozotti5069 contactr2m
@contactr2m, I AGREE WiTH U. I HAVE ALREADY MENTiONED iT BEFORE... NONE OF HiS TARGET iS RiGHT. HE iS DiSHONEST..His MOCKiNG and DECEiVE with all his followers...HE is MiSLEADiNG all here...LEAVE HiM TO HiMSELF.
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I was actually considering moving my ETH into LTC....
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Noooo, not on LTC :(
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I think they will embrace it through regulations. Prices will go up once markets digest.
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SEC and CFTC hearing is tomorrow buddy.

Now is not the time to take risks. LTC moves with BTC. USDT and Bitfinex issues are not to be taken lightly.
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Tin.Foil doctorkesh
@doctorkesh, I hear you.. What do you suggest? HODL? Hold what? Declining USD? Avoid USDT as that may fall apart tomorrow. Avoid Bitfinex (thankfully I've stayed away from them)?
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doctorkesh Tin.Foil
@Tin.Foil, buddy, that's the issue which i mentioned in another post somewhere else. All exchanges which are handling USDT are at risk.

Bittrex is hence introducing USD pairs. Polo and Binance will be affected as well.

The reason why big exchanges avoided trading directly with USD pairs was because they would have had to abide by financial regulation laws. They could do two things 1. Stop serving US customers (like Bitfinex) or 2. use USDT and remove USD pairs.

Now if USDT falls, which I think may not happen considering this market crash may have resulted in very high trading volumes over the past two months, bitfinex should have sold their holdings and also would have made a lot of money via commission since the 6th of December to 'balance is books'; but let's say if it falls, then prices will go down at other exchanges where USDT is not being sold. An arb will be created as a result... people will move away from USDT and try to buy the fastest moving cryptos to get their money out of the exchange... now '"withdrawal limits'' come into play. Movement will not be easy either at that time.

This is of course all theoretical. It might not happen at all.

People who have been in this market would have anticipated this risk, would have moved out to other exchanges by now. I know as I did. Currently on GDAX and Bitstmap.

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thank you for update.
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