Litecoin Retrace to $190 then rebound to $230 region

BITFINEX:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
I don't write about Litecoin much or give analysis. But here I'm going to. It is interesting how news of a fork made Litecoin jump when other coins in the same situation didn't, even after Charlie Lee said the fork was a "Scam". Although, I think we are missing the bigger picture. Litecoin has weathered many of the political storms that other coins haven't. Bitcoin             itself has its capabilities being questioned. I think there is much utlity in Litecoin and is good for holding without worry about how to use. In short, it is a reliable crypto to depend upon and is underestimated. I see it retracing to $190-$180 level then going forward to $230 target. This is along with general market movement. But Litecoin arguably started this mini rally.
Thanks for the comments guys
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I have never passionately owned Litecoin. But the idea that is the Silver to Bitcoin’s gold might seem quaint. But actually if I wanted to pay for something I would use Litecoin with confidence. I see it hitting $500 medium-long term.
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It's not because of the fork, it's because of the Litepay release news.
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jlazaro14 EatTheDip
@EatTheDip, Yeah definitely not because of the fork.
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