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COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Đô la Mỹ
LTC needs to square up at this point. I dont think its gonna dip and remain at 100$-120$ level for a long time but it will DEFINITELY reach it at one point or another. Chances are they will push it down before they start pumping the price back up. If you are not in this trade yet I STRONGLY advise to wait. For people wanting to get in a buy order at around the 120$ area to be safe can yield tremendous profit as I am fairly certain it will only dip down to that price and instantly start ascending TO THE MOON (350$+).

Follow me on telegram if you want to be updated on this trade. Get rich, together.

Let me know what you guys think im the comment!
Looking back to see how this played out, 3 weeks later. Your call was 100% correct. Not up to $350 yet, but soon I’m sure. Well done.
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I'm very curious if we can actually touch the 96 dollar mark. I definitely can see 135, and i'm not sure where you got 120 from as there's no support there, but let's see what happens.
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Who are they?
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Denzoss GioDIgoUppo
@GioDIgoUppo, The big boys, the people who trully control the market. The goal is to follow what they do so we can make money trading with them and not against them. Thats the essence of Trend Analysis
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