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COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Đô la Mỹ
Hello, at this moment we see strong uptrend. I am one of those who believe in this currency.

We analyze objectively and find the following.

- LTC has already completed 5 waves of elliott . (1,2,3,4,5)

- We see Elliott's correction waves. ( ABC )

Nobody has the truth in their hands!! and in this market many things can happen. but if you listen to what we are going to do, we can win all of them !!

The graphic is very simple:

Purchase Area: $ 215 to $ 230


1- $ 400 to $ 420
2- $ 648 to $ 675

Why buy at $ 215 and not below?

because between $ 210 and $ 214 would be the strongest resistance before this big rise.

This is the strategy, remember that in this business who thinks with the heart and feels with the head will be on the edge of the presipicio always. this is why everything is in its place. and use your head !! not the heart!

Place the purchase and sale orders, do not spend so many hours in front of the PC , take some air and exercise.

Always Life brings us great blessings.

Greets and a hug!!

Note: do you have another analysis? We would like you to share it.
Bình luận: I should add that the first resistance line we will face will be between $ 300 to $ 320.
Bình luận: We are going down for a moment. We programmed purchase at $ 176.4 and $ 172 buy back in case it arrives there.

After this, only the upload remains.

if we buy at these levels we replace the purchase at $ 215 since this will be the best opportunity and the last one to buy at the best price
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: We arrived at the first shopping area successfully.
let's see a very small price recovery and that leads us to believe that the theory of buying at $ 172 remains active.

if it goes down to $ 172 go back and buy a little more.

- If it rises above $ 181.5 it will not fall again, and you can buy a little more at that price.

According to my experience, if you get between $ 180 and $ 181, you should bounce back to levels of $ 172 and then go up very strongly.

place the loss stop at $ 164.8

if everything goes well we will go up and win !!

I will be updating the graph.

So far everything is going very well !!
Bình luận: I recommend reading this article and not leave your investment without a stop loss. since the news greatly influences prices.

Giao dịch đang hoạt động: ready!!
Bình luận: buy: $173

stop loss:164.8
Bình luận: buy: $173 to $175
Giao dịch đang hoạt động
Bình luận: I hope you have bought in the previous range (173-175) if I can not buy do not worry !! Now read the beginning of this publication and follow the steps. Buy in the yellow zone to overcome, this is after the resistance of the triangle is broken.

if I buy with me in range (172-175) I will update it tomorrow, and we see that it presents us with the market.

UPDATE the stop loss at $ 170


do not forget to like me! and to follow!

a hug!!
Bình luận: we see a general price drop, if you have money to buy buy again at $ 167 (if it arrives). stop loss at $ 164.5.

In 166 it is the strongest support line in the last weeks.

If I already buy just wait. and place the stop loss at $ 164.5 everything will be fine.

just stay calm and trust! This coin will be a direct rocket to the moon !!

Giao dịch đang hoạt động: apparently the bulls returned from vacation, and the market is in a bullish period, this idea remains active, let's hope for the best.
Yes, I second that- strong resistance at $300-315. Careful around that area.
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@TheGush, YES!! Very strong!!
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