LTC has lots going for it today

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
So the one of the last 4h candles FINALLY closed above the 50 EMA . Prior to that it kept getting pushed below it like a a bully to a kid on the playground. The following 4h candle opened and stayed above the 50 EMA too, so that's great.
We have stayed in a tightening range which is pushing back against the resistance hard, bulls are starting to wake up. We have a bull MACd cross on the daily as well, with a sexy looking doji candle on the weekly chart, all of which are pointing to a bullish breaking point that is going to happen very soon. At least so I imagine. if we break bearish (which I wont eliminate as a possibility) it will probably be because of a lack of bull volume . But, it's starting to show up and may be holding back until just enough pushes us past some of these lines. When it does though, I'm optimistic that it will push us past 175 resistance and help us form some daily higher highs.

Not much new, just wanted to point the break past the 50 EMA and that sexy weekly doji candlestick . Like, comment with feedback, and follow! As always, I'm no professional, but a LTC enthusiast for sure, so DYOR, chart your own crap, and don't take my fin. advice (because that's not what this is at all).

Peace and hair grease.
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