if you're still holding, Sell (at least a part)

BITSTAMP:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
Careful there is no volume!
Yeah the volume-per-candle is less relevant on lower time frames like the 30, as it appears you have here. Stretch it out to longer time frames and volume becomes more relevant. Plus, there's lots of volume.
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Mmawesome jbutler7
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brilliant xD
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Mmawesome WaveRider84
@WaveRider84, yep it was
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You sir, have weak hands
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2 most likely possibilities that we will see.. I sold 2/3 of my entire holdings at 150 just to lower the risk because of the possible scenarios, which allows me to buy on a lower price (that will most likely happen). Selling 1/2 or 1/3 is also acceptable. But if you ignore the signals and just hold you can still be profitable but you're running a greater risk. I think that i have a better hand now than being ignorant and hopeful.
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pwitzz Mmawesome
@Mmawesome, yeah but since i been holding since $10 ltc, i have no problem with it being in the hundreds lol but history deff does replay itself in the crytpo world, i would hold and buy more! im not a TA person, i usually dont look at the charts, cause you get to emotional while watching it. Cost average and you will always ALWAYS WIN. And take profit and have the cash for times like this will deff reduce your stress while buying on down market. but pull up the past 2 years and put them on top of each other and you will see something.
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@pwitzz, I agree, that approach works too. I'll check that out, Thanks!
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There ia volume. And huge bullishness.
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lol there is volume here
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