LTC - I mean...It has been accurate so far.

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
Hey, everyone. Just wanted to share a graph that my boss plotted a few days ago about halfway down to (A). It appears LTC is currently in an ABCDE corrective triangle pattern , or at least we've been right thus far. We've made quite a bit of money from the swing trades and wanted to share our idea with you guys so you can possibly think we are right and possibly make some money too.

P.S. We aren't psychics or experts. This is for educational purposes only. Its your money, do watcha want with it.

With love <3

Team Slaw
accumulation? entry at E (just below it) looks juicy
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tnewdigate MoonPickle
@MoonPickle, A few grand. Honestly, we're novices and didn't invest a ton in the beginning. We started in December and turned what we thought would be a hobby into something we are working on every second of every day haha. We are still definitely novices when it comes to TA, however I think we've stumbled upon something pretty accurate that has made us a decent amount of money so we thought we'd share!

Team Slaw
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MoonPickle PRO tnewdigate
@tnewdigate, that's awesome bud! i was referring to the accumulation phase in Wyckoff Trading:

The sudden surge in LTC price the other day was an automatic rally that arose from heavy selling climax

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tnewdigate MoonPickle
@MoonPickle, See? Look at me still being a novice and missing what's in front of my face haha.
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MoonPickle PRO tnewdigate
@tnewdigate, lol LTC does look like a good buy at the moment
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tnewdigate MoonPickle
@MoonPickle, For sure. We'll definitely be riding these waves until (E). If you follow our graph (god help you), we wish you the best of luck! :)
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