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LTC 2018 READY to Rock out...slow going?

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Đô la Mỹ
Looks like my prior charts for LTC leading up to Christmas and going into New Years' was OFF...a bit?! Sometimes the horse throws you, but its okay; cause we jump back into the saddle!!!
I'm still VERY BULLISH on LTC for the Long haul; however, the slight disappointment of late has me considering what the Major trend pattern(s) will be...I still think that the overall pattern displayed in the Chart above is a great sign-post for what may play out "roughly," for LTC in the Month of January 2018. LTC could very well move sideways for a few weeks, like it did prior to the AWSOME September 2017 Break Out! Once we can lock down this New Market Structure with some good footing we can start to make a good sense of the Heads and Tails for LTC in 2018.

F.Y.I. if you look at the last 12 Months for LTC... LTC has increase by just over 5,000% ...yeah, that's right!!! Nearly 5,000 percent!!! If it repeats that trend from 2017, into 2018 or even a greater % yield...Those who hold LTC will be EXTREMELY overjoyed!

Sit tight; my updated Chart still looks Bullish in the Long run and I have shifted some of the Elliot Wave points out. I must admit, Once again; I was Overly Optimistic...only because I KNOW where this is going!! Its true what they say..."A watch-pot never boils". Once we take our eyes off LTC and other Cryptos; they will then Knock our Socks OFF!!!
I really don't see any further dips to the down side. (I'm not saying it won't dip further. I am saying I doubt it will dip any further than it has already).
We should be priming the Pump; just keep an eye on the Volume/MACD and give this baby/LTC a good week or two... ; )
Bình luận: Notice my Price Range of $260, represented by the "YELLOW LINE," is NOT TOO far off the MARK here...?!?! At the time of this post; LTC is hovering around $250 price range and that's pretty good "Target Area"? ; )
This pretty fundamentally wrong. Especially how your 4th wave prediction crosses into wave1 territory
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I think we'll see another jump within the next few hours after this consolidation pattern completes and then more consolidation. Rinse and repeat.
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