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LTC - possible price setup

BITSTAMP:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Đô la Mỹ
Based on the daily chart , there are two possible formations developing. One is a descending triangle at the top of a up-trend, which is a very bearish signal of trend reversal (unless there is a higher volume towards the apex) and the second one is a symmetrical triangle / pennant on an up-trend, which is a bullish signal. There are two possible breakouts to the upside, one from the current support level of $230 (0.5 Fib level) in which case the target would be the ATH around $350. The other scenario will be a retest of the 0.618 Fib level around $198 with a bounce up to 0.236 Fib level at $307.
At this time, there is a huge dump of BCH being executed against LTC through the OKex exchange, counting for more than 55% of the traded volume , so once this dump finishes, I expect the upside breakout. Good luck all !
Bình luận: On the 5 minutes chart we have a nice price action with good volume. We just had the 0.618 retracement so it looks like a possible bottom. Good entry point if you want to "play". Meanwhile, on the more fundamental side, the BCH / LTC volume almost disappeared from OKex being slowly replaced by USD / LTC on GDAX. We might just be at the beginning of a rebound towards the two possible targets stated initially
Bình luận: As much as I don`t like when the markets go against my ideas, I have to be fair and post the updates regardless. So, here it is: even though we are still in play and we didn`t reach the stop yet, it seems the formation developing short term is an inverted cup and handle. If that is the case, the price should climb to a max of $250 then continue down under the support of $200. Let`s see what will happen
Bình luận: As mentioned before, LTC is in an inverted cup and handle formation. It just completed the handle a little above major resistance levels (30 EMA, former support line at $230 and descending wedge of the triangle). Here is the turning point to see if we start a bullish reversal or we continue a bigger bearish descent. To confirm the bulls, we still need to close above $285 level (the bottom of the inverted cup)
Bình luận: It seems every coin has a "preferred" formation: LTC - cup and handle, BTC - head and shoulder, XRP - triangles
Bình luận: So far the price evolved under the second scenario. Based on the daily chart, we can see how all the indicators align very nicely towards the critical level $198. An important Fib level (0.618), it points at the intersection of the apex of the symmetrical triangle with the 50 day EMA. So, this will be the "battle" ground to determine the next move: up towards the $300 levels or down towards the $150.
The RSI is already below 50 and MACD very negative divergence with no signs of improving; volmue doesn`t help much nor the BTC price movement, which is testing again a major support level (4th time if I am correct) so it seems the market favors the down side
Let`s see what happens next
Bình luận: It seems LTC broke the triangle to the side however is low volume and still has one major battle to win before going up. Good news is that is established a small short term uptrend, so let`s see what happens next
Bình luận: It seems we have some action: price broke strongly the previous resistance at @230; the 30 minutes chart show strong positive MACD divergence, RSI favor the upside and we have a full green candle closed above support, followed by another strong one. $250 seems next stop to be tested for the $300 run
Bình luận: $250 reached within the hour, with a spike in volume. Good signs for the next level at $284. It might consolidate a little before a push up again
Bình luận: All right, for the moment it seems consolidation is done, heading back up to retest the $250
Bình luận: Things look good on the hourly chart; momentum seems to be building up for the assault of the next target, $285. Bullish RSI, good market depth, consolidation of the $250 seems completed
Bình luận: Here is another pattern that might be forming: a bullish bat. Still long way, but it might just be. If this is the case, it would match our levels to watch for a swing low, anything between $285 and $310.
Bình luận: It seems this trade will go south again, to test the $200 levels for more support. Those who entered at $211 might consider reducing their positions (take some profits) if they are not comfortable anymore in holding. We hit the major support at $230 and it seems we have a bearish pennant forming on the 15 minutes chart. Of course market will decide further but it is good to read the charts for guidance. Good luck
Bình luận: After some while with not much of an action, finally after the BTC run came to a halt, LTC decided to make a move as well. We are now back within the original "megaphone" formation, stopping just below the $280 level. For a successful push for the $300 level, it might need some consolidation before.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: It seems LTC didn`t have the patience to do the correction so it shoot up to $296. Since we are within 3% of our proposed target of $307 in this scenario, we can close the trade. It might go higher after consolidation, but since everything is in the overbought are safer to take the profits. Nice ride
looking to pass $260
Phản hồi
Haceru Killough
@Killough, so am I ... waiting for the $285
Phản hồi
Looking for a bit of an overshoot to $296 we'll see what happens.
Phản hồi
Haceru london55555
@london55555, i think is too early, it won`t even pass 280 if it starts now
Phản hồi
@Haceru, Excellent call on LTC you made . I felt it could get back to 296 but you were correct. Im much too early with my XRP "drop" call I think i underestimated the Korean influence but still feel this XRP will take a massive drop.
+1 Phản hồi
Haceru london55555
@london55555, thanks ... you are not alone with XRP :) ... I feel the same way but what we both underestimated was the FOMOs frenzy. Once that starts, TA doesn`t work anymore and we just need to sit back and watch; impossible to predict the extent of greed and despair of getting rich quick. Meanwhile smart guys are doing their work behind the scenes, enjoying their profits at extremely high levels. I feel we need to go pass this Coinbase rumor to have a clear picture of what comes next ... I believe this will be due somewhere between Jan. 8th and 18th. so not much more to wait
Phản hồi
@Haceru, Ha! So true but I should know better re how high these can actually go before a VERY hard fall because i was very involved in the .com era but as you mentioned these TA charts don't tell the whole story in a frenzy but guess what - it's not different this time. These will blow up and the REAL winners - perhaps XRP - left standing will be very investable for a long term hold.
+1 Phản hồi
Haceru london55555
@london55555, agreed ... even now I am using XRP to transfer between exchanges, it is the best way (3 seconds, done) ... so there are already valid, proven use cases for it. Meanwhile, I sent you a PM ... did you receive it? If so, please reply back there :) Thanks
Phản hồi
@Haceru, Hi re PM that little button showed for the past couple of days but cant see the message ill try to send you one and you can reply we'll try it that way and thank you
+1 Phản hồi
Haceru london55555
@london55555, right on target, just two days later. Excellent call !
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