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LTC will hit sub $4 within 5 months. Here's why.

BTCE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Đô la Mỹ
It's actually very simple: with the promising news about bitcoin getting segwit earlier then previously thought, litecoin will lose its existential purpose. There would literally be no reason to hold or buy litecoin as it would be what it has always been; a clone of bitcoin . Remember when we stayed between 3.5-4.5 for almost 2 years? That's what the future holds for litecoin.

All other cryptocurrencies are rising, but you can't compare those to LTC. Those are original cryptocurrencies with something to offer; litecoin is not. The second consensus is reached, expect LTC to be dumped into oblivion; very likely to $1-$2 levels.

Even from a TA point of view, LTC rally is pretty much done. Anyone expecting this coin to hit $35+ again should stop dreaming and cut losses before it's too late. A few days ago, Charlie tweeted that LTC holders/buyers "shouldn't expect a bailout."

Interpret that however you like ;).

Sub 0.01 ratio is coming. After that? Goblin Town.

Thanks for this epic exit pump. Bought in during the 2 year sideways and made 700% profit. Switched to BTC and will now watch LTC die.

Who is laughig at this now? hahaha
Phản hồi
Who is laughing at this in November?

Phản hồi
I gotan idea, monocole spams charts so now we spam his chart with spammy comments, how about that? Troll for troll!
Phản hồi
Hey Monocole - you see that monster green bar taking you from behind? It will grow further until it get's out through your head ^^
Phản hồi
LTC will still can do smart contracts MAST . so it still has future
Phản hồi
Whahahaha.... look at his chart. That tells all....
Also very funny text btw
Phản hồi
Well monocole, the last times you were super bearish on LTC (which were many, many spammy charts), you secretly assembled this exact coin concurrently. So the only conclusion here must be that you are again collecting coin heavily. I hope it rises fast such that you get short squeezed nicely in your behind!
Phản hồi
do you even look at your previous charts? You are all over the place
Phản hồi
Nice technical chart btw! ;)
+1 Phản hồi
@bysteven, Well, that scary red arrow pointing down should have all longs bailing immediately!
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