*Projection: Litecoin $300 target short term

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
I see one last corrective wave and then we are off to the races for (LTC). I'll be placing buys in the $90-$95 range, and I see us back at $300 within a few weeks, then another abc correction. Very bullish on LTC this year. easily $700-$900 by end of the year. These are just my opinions. I'm no financial advisor, anything can happen in crypto. That being said this is a very nice falling wedge pattern and we will see a breakout soon. Everything depends on BTC             , I expect it to correct one more time as well and I think Feb 9th-10th is the time we all break out of this bear cycle.
Nice, i said the 8th, so pretty close to that range. the 4h ema 200/50 is about to cross over on the upside, but if the pattern is continuing in the way your chart is depicted (which i think it is), i expect we see a run to about 175 before a dip. Then ultimately, I believe we'll see a run down to 77ish (wall withstanding), and then a rally up as you mention.
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Sorry mate but this is completely wrong
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