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BITSTAMP:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Đô la Mỹ
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Bình luận: First thing I bag holded for 2 weeks, come on!
Bình luận: Remember to buy above the support when it's retesting to avoid the risk. If not : no loss, no bag holding ez pz. !
Bình luận: Not enough volume, but remember, stranger things has happened during that eth trade!
I like your style and attitude...

Lets Go!!!
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Avasreader xleratehighlander
@xleratehighlander, lol that drop though, My TA is getting worse day by day
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@Avasreader, I've seen worse with other coins, even with Bitcoin. I'm a TA guy so I can tell you, 80% of the time the charts and your instinct reading it are right... With a big down turn there will be a up turn. Since this seems like a long correction/sort of, there will be a good rise.
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Avasreader xleratehighlander
@xleratehighlander, Yes I have only 3 months exp with crypto. I am still learning the movements. These coins are like wishing wells, if a guy toses a coin and his wish gets fulfilled, there will be more people like him willing to toss the coin. When the well is nearly filled, the owners take all of the coins from the well, and the value of the well resets. These coin having monetary value is the scam of the century that people will look back in the future. As a realist, I know these coins will have 0 value in the future, but before that, there is money to be stolen. Yes, stolen because there are equal number of losers for every winner in cryptocurrency unlike other market from what I know. Its a gambling, and I use it as a casino, not as a source of income :) Odds of winning a jackpot increases as long as you are playing the game. I doubling my capital for every 10% loss and reducing if there is a significant gain. Let's see where this will end. :
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Going to bed hoping to see some positive news in the morning
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This does seem to be a key level, and period of time. The market should decide soon
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@docfresh, Agreed
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