Litecoin - Double bottom confirmation or another leg down?

BITFINEX:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar

Hey guys, the overall correlation to BTC             on the altmarket is still clearly visible. However, there are some coins that have been performing much better than BTC             . As for Litecoin, we saw price forming a double bottom , but still need a confirmation for it to count it as valid. This would happen if we get to see an impulsive break & close above $175 level. Note that BTC             , XRP and almost any other coins are also nearing themselves a heavy resistance zone - in most cases, both dynamic and static. So as for now, I am neutral and will be either looking to add to my holdings after a minor pullback after breaking to the upside or to wait and see price forming another leg to the downside. Unless you're an experienced trader and absolutely new what you're doing - I would not advise you to time the market as chances are high that you will either lose or miss out on percentages. Invest & forget would be the best choice in this case. Safe trades! If you want to be notified in real-time with more in-depth forecasts and opinions, feel free to join my free Telegram! https://t.me/bbgtv
Bình luận: BTC & XRP just hit the psychological level of $9000 and $1, while NEO has just touched its upper trendline within a symmetrical triangle. LTC, XRP and BTC are now all in the orange trouble zone which I've marked on the chart. Will we get to see a break or a bounce back to the downside? Let's start with NEO: logically there should be....

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IF we break the pattern, the target for ltc is around 240usd ?
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BudBronson PRO MarcelMartins
@MarcelMartins, $210-215 as a conservative target as it is both the peak of former wave 4 and the trough of former wave 1. If price violates this level then yes, the next target would be $240
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@BudBronson, Thanks a lot man, have a good weekend.
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BudBronson PRO MarcelMartins
@MarcelMartins, You're welcome mate. Thx, you too!
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