LTC Rattrap Tug of War Ascending Triangle Update and Break Down

POLONIEX:LTCUSDT   Litecoin / Tether USD
Any Questions !? No Worries ! Comment below !

If the Cup Base Smith's Gap closes with a Deal Breaker expect price to test the 300 dollar resistance in the coming week !
Bình luận: gap is closed.. expect a third bounce, a test of the triangles top or a fake out..

haha, be ready for anything investing intelligently..

ltc is an obvious pick for the crypto legend.

Remember if you make a lot of money investing in crypto support the community by mining or adding hardware to the ecosystem.. pull your weight !!! haha and have fun !
Bình luận: and for goodness sake take profit and invest locally !

Tip me if you dare encourage this nonsensical tirade of charts !

Dash: Xt9FwJhfveezrdnYu6ZpxD9DFGojeQRvn7
Bitcoin: 395djhPV2P4StRfxdagkrSF8EkgrNw3bST
Ethereum: 0x52678Cf7469974c5E3a3F072C542B38C34253405
USDT: 1Cyh8h5t2ytx6xsg4pizYcNhuoW1FuCyhP
does ltc need to close in that gap you have noted to retest highs? looks like it did break.
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Benjamix PRO jmgardner
gap is closed but we are waiting for the deal maker candle that closes above the gap.. could spring a third time off the bottom trendline forming a three rising valleys.. could fakeout down?? all said and done we are documenting each day candle wave here and betting bullish.
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we bet intelligently peeps, we arent all in fud investors, yet, haha.. we spread it wide and thin as far as the eye can see !! and we look out on it all with awe haha, best of luck !
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