Expect LTC COIN in the coming days

BITTREX:LTCUSDT   Litecoin / Tether
The end of 2017 marked a significant rise in the price of the LTC currency to reach $ 365. Naturally, the correction currency started to fall, forming a bearish channel , where prices rebounded higher and lower and touched $ 106 to start the bounce.
Prices are still in the descending channel , and we can not confirm the price rise continuously until the descending channel is breached with resistance line 160 $, where there is another possibility of a rebound from that region to $ 80.
The technical indicators show us the start of a bounce in the price as the RSI indicator shows us a bounce back from 34 pips which is good with confirmation that the best buying area below 30 pips
January 9, 2018 The price reached $ 160, and despite the rebound that took place today, January 10, 2018 we still expect to continue to climb to the next levels and will be gradually next 195 - 210 - 258 - 278 - 355 $, and if prices continue to fall will reach a new level of support end At $ 80.
Bình luận: The first and second Target (195 - 210) were achieved and we are waiting for the rest of the goals to be achieved
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