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MGTI: Mining biz bet

$MGTI offers an interesting upside potential here, with small risk. From a fundamental standpoint, maybe the departure of John McAfee from the firm recruits investors, as $BTC prices rise again.
I think we could see this surging by 6 to 24x, wouldn't shock me. As such, I would look into investing a maximum of 10% in this stock, or 5% if more risk averse.

Best of luck,

Ivan Labrie.
Bình luận: Now it's safe to buy:
I've been in this for a few years. I think John Macafee is a bit of loose cannon these days so probably not too bad that he's gone. Mining earnings will have increased considerably since the last quarter so could see a nice boost soon.
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@max69, @cjcarner @IvanLabrie You guys think this can recover to at least 4? Thats my avg and based on this link, if rev split or more dilution coming then very diff to reach even 4.


Got big holding in this. Pls share your thoughts.
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IvanLabrie LetsBeMillionaire
@LetsBeMillionaire, hi, I think you shouldn't hold more than 5% in this stock, unless you're trading short term.
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@IvanLabrie, agree but already too late now. stupid thing not moving at all. whats the scope from techincal point of view?
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Thanks for the analysis! 6x seems possible, given a reasonable p/e forward. How are you calculating the growth? At 15k BTC and 12x p/e, I figured close to $20 which would be about 5-6x at current levels. Appreciate any help on your thought process!
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