MTL been flatline RSI. can scalp this for 1.75x. I'm Long

BINANCE:MTLBTC   Metal / Bitcoin
MTL             has been flatline. I love the small marketcap , also have working product. Alt season is around the corner.... find low caps
“You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain”
― Miyamoto Musashi
A guy tell me that : "pump of MTL is not natural, its the work of some pump teams ... like Phoenix and others .."
What do you think about that ? In my opinion, i think the whole market is manipulate...
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sendit707 PRO RemiBuriez
@RemiBuriez, Whole market very much so is. Ways I don't wish to discuss on internet, I will say tho getting into an "ICO" is mistaken as "I'm part of the earliest people possible able to invest in project X" which is HIGHLY/WIDELY MISTAKEN. Average joes thinking they are getting good deals.

As for MTL it may be so. we both have to understand though none of these companies/Tokens will be 5yr holds as if you were holding $USLV or $EGO . these are all Swings. Cheers m8
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@RemiBuriez, imo, most of the coins are speculative assets as theres no mass utility tied to them, so its easy to manipulate, anyone with much holding capital can easily manipulate this market similar to politics & power, any reaction comes action, play around it
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sendit707 PRO ZulkeflyAbuBakar
@ZulkeflyAbuBakar @RemiBuriez time frame right now is this. Assuming one of you have played little league baseball.

before every season each team has a float/sign/etc of team logo on national opening day. teams show their colors / players/ woop woop.
after that ceremony the season begins........

Alts are in opening day. showing colors / team structure / white paper/ all other FA bs. Pretty soooooon, public's gonna start correlating with great certainty to WHICH ALTS ARE VS. EACH OTHER (COMPETITION)
when that happens my friends, that is when the crypto market will begin. difficulty will increase for new comers.

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@evolmk99 i believe so too. BTC doing its thing, hoping for a healthier retracement to 7.4k, once that low comes in than I am fully committed to believing alt season is around the corner. low caps will print this alt season.

as for MTL, USD chart also looks promising on bollinger band as well. I also ARDR looks good for %gains also have eyes on that one. Cheers m8
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agree. been sharing my chart around, looking great
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