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$mtl my love hate relationship

BINANCE:MTLBTC   Metal / Bitcoin
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unfortunately this metal chart sucks cause there is no data, so im just gonna mention a few reasons why this is going to explode in the near future.

Current MCAP $83,404,420
Daily Volume $28,122,100!!!!!!!!!, almost 30% of its MCAP
Coin Circulation 19,300,994 MTL
days since ATH: 153
% down since ATH: 69%

Those factors with the release of its product at the end of this quarter, as well as the market its going after (Coinbase competitor), is going to make this a top performer for 2018. when it finally goes, it wont look back.
There has been some accumulation going on around the 0.000444 area. Hopefully there is a run soon as I feel the BTC bulls are waking up and then alts will likely be slaughtered again.
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look at the rising volume, wont be long, hodl :)
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I have been in and out of MTL so many times. I know its going for a run, but my patience is weaning haha. Can't believe it was delisted from Bittrex, although could be relisted from what i read.
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talaenyx ChristiaanvanderMerwe
@ChristiaanvanderMerwe, lol ive rage quit on MTL like 2 times already, but 3rd times the charm
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@talaenyx, I'm feeling like MTL is just still too under the radar, needs some more attention or else it wont matter that it's sticking to the roadmap and actually releasing shit. Although we just hit the 4hr 50 EMA so could see a bounce.
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talaenyx ChristiaanvanderMerwe
@ChristiaanvanderMerwe, once the app releases and theres another gateway into crypto other than Coinbase
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