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Say hello to John for me, dear.

Rounded daily RSI bottom.
Recent trend-line break.
Daily RSI bullish divergence .
Weekly RSI bullish divergence .
Bouncing off the prior resistance of 'my wedge .'
Holding extremely long term support trend-line in RSI .
.886 fast approaching.
2.618 reactionary approaching.

This is my personal chart and I decided to share it.
slowly start accumulating or be upset
Bình luận:
Bình luận: August 13th.
This chart goes all the way back to that date.
Nano has been consolidating since.

y e e t
Bình luận: New analysis!

This one is MUCH more detailed :^)
Bình luận:
I hope to God Nano goes hard in the paint from here.
I pray.
1772 TO THE SAT.
Bình luận: Although Nano and the rest of the market just got owned the past few days, Nano is still holding crucial long-term RSI support.
At this point the .886 at 1772 sats NEEDS to hold or we're going to have a capitulation event similar to what happened last year.
So far, Nano is still showing bullish divergence in the daily and everything still looks OKAY for at least a bounce. This is a very risky place to be though because of Bitcoin. Grandpa Bitcoin makes another huge move upwards and alts are going to drop like a brick. Be careful.

Bình luận:
I found Nano’s bottom.
I’ll be frontrunning at 1337 Sats.
simple and strong, leave us a comment on our profile aswell :)
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