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Nano in giant multi-month falling wedge!?! I got what you NEED!

Hello everyone. I have been outright determined to nail Nano's bottom to within 2-3%.
I created an analysis recently but I believe this particular analysis is much more detailed and accurate.
Nano may be soon finishing up a 5-3-5 Zig Zag EWT retracement from its ATH .
Currently, it seems Nano may be in a multi-month falling wedge .

The apex of this wedge is toward the end of 2019...

We may be extremely close to a bounce or the beginning of a 3rd and powerful wave though.
Fibonacci Timezone placement shows a high probability of volatility between June 24th and July 8th.
Considering the Bullish Divergence showing in the daily and the weekly, those dates would make sense for a significant push upwards.
I would give this a 65-70% chance of being the next bull wave for Nano . 300-500%+ profits POSSIBLE.
After analyzing the data thoroughly, there is a high chance Nano may go slightly lower but not by much unless we experience outright capitulation.
To be completely honest, I'm praying for it.

The RSI on the weekly has fallen through support but appears to be holding strong, for now.
The next 2 weeks for Nano are absolutely crucial and I suspect we will see a lot of sideways movement for accumulation.

Nano has more than respected the Fibonacci Retracements when combined with some basic EWT .
Nano has also respected the falling wedge support and resistance zones.
Nano is also potentially in a parallel downtrend channel . A break above and successful daily/weekly close will begin uptrend.

I have marked the most important support zones on the chart.
First warning of a bull wave would be a break of the downtrend channel .
Second warning would be a significant break of, and monthly close above the .618 resistance.

Get ready fellow Nano lovers. I believe THIS analysis ... is the one.
Bình luận: To be very clear, this is the analysis I will be sticking by with CONVICTION.
Bình luận: I've had suspicions lately that Nano is already ready to begin uptrend.

This guys idea shows this is indeed possible. Nice catch :D
Bình luận: 1772 TO THE SAT.

Nano you magnificent beast you...

Time to let 'er rip?
Bình luận: Although Nano and the rest of the market just got owned the past few days, Nano is still holding crucial long-term RSI support.
At this point the .886 at 1772 sats NEEDS to hold or we're going to have a capitulation event similar to what happened last year.
So far, Nano is still showing bullish divergence in the daily and everything still looks OKAY for at least a bounce. This is a very risky place to be though because of Bitcoin. Grandpa Bitcoin makes another huge move upwards and alts are going to drop like a brick. Be careful.

Bình luận: I found Nano’s bottom. I’ll be frontrunning at 1337.
Bình luận: Keep your fingers crossed, because those MACD trendlines are surely going to cause a significant movement one way or the other.
The tip of the apex is around Halloween. Spoooooky.

Be prepared for some volatility in the market within the next few days if my TA is correct.

Bình luận:
She's officially back in the channel :D
Bình luận: Question is - what happens when we get to that descending diagonal resistance that has kept the MACD at bay for a year and a half?
Bình luận:
Getting closer..
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Looks like grandpa Bitcoin crushed the alts again. Sigh...
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@nginx, Oh that is okay. Just makes Nano cheaper :-D
I truly believe 1300 holds. If not I will be incredibly surprised.
And happy.
As hell.
Mad at the same time. But happy.
You a big fan of Nano?
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