In my last idea I sugggested try to get in the trade somehow because the consolidation is over sooner or later and we are breaking out.
Though we couldn't catch the exact bottom and the position got risky as we broke down of the range all who were able to hold through the panic are in profit today. There was an undercut low with a false breakdown of the range but today it just seems it was a final shakeout .

My only concern : is that possible we had a mild ICL? Triangles and ranges are screwing the cycles so it's almost impossible to trade them based on cycles. We have to assume that the ICL is behind us on the 1st of November. We broke out of the range last week Thursday and the next resistance ahead of us at 3.161$.
When a multi month consolidation like this breaks it bounces hard. So all who are not in the train will have to buy into the overbought conditions or wait for the never coming pullback. I still got many messages how to enter into a NatGas or UGAZ trade right now.
It's really hard to help when the train is leaving the station. We entered early and had to bear a drawdawn where price seemed to go much lower. Contrarians didn't help us to hold the position, too... But it was still easier to enter early than to enter a position at the exact bottom. I saw a few people below my post who entered near to the exact bottom or added to the position at the lows. You can still check who had the balls to enter there and also post in real time .
But the hardest part is just coming in the following weeks. Sit tight and let the winners run. It doesn't matter if you caught the exact bottom or not. The big money will be in the uptrend in the next 2 month.

I still think that commodities are in a new bull market. Natty also holding above the 2015 and 2016 yearly lows . The pattern has the characteristic of accumulation which wants to break to the upside.( Volume is supporting the accumulation)

I set the 200 SMA on the chart. We might or might not have a pullback to the 200 SMA from the next resistance level before breaking higher.
Last year the seasonal rally was relentless. There was not much of a pullback. Though the ICL a few days ago was not that deep like last year: the consolidation was long enough to have a big rally into year end. RSI is already overbought so it's possible we will have a pullback, but it can also run for weeks in the overbought territory and before the daily cycle tops it will print an RSI divergence with higher high in the price. MACD still has a long way to run.

LONG follow through idea. We are long from 2.855.

We traded successfully last year's winter rally:

Bình luận: All who want add or enter natgas/ugaz I think the time is coming today or tomorrow.
Watch natgas:
Bình luận: I see an interesting pattern evolving here:
Bình luận: Natty is producing interesting things...
Bình luận: We might be done with the pullback...
I gave a possible entry yesterday for the ones at the sidelines.
Bình luận: I like today's close...
It was the 9th day above the 200 SMA. The chances are high
we are bouncing tomorrow or Monday.
Bình luận: It seems we are building a base here.
Bình luận: Lost the 200 SMA today.
We did this on low volume and still above the 400 EMA. The 400 EMA was very important during the last 1-1.5 year. (red arrows)We bounced many times from there. It still can be a steep flag though.
Bình luận: Sorry 400 MA...
If we are reversing we need to do it in 2-3 days with a close above the 400 MA.
Bình luận: RSI is getting oversold also.
Bình luận: On the weekly basis we are just testing back the apex of the triangle.
And the RSI is at the 50 line... The weekly 200 MA was to hard to break it through we turned down from there again.
Bình luận: ... and the volume is low.
Bình luận: Pullback volume.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Looks like a good start.
Contrarians must be kicking themselves.
At least we know who sold at the exact bottom last Friday.
I was holding my longs.
Bình luận: I guess UGAZ will be up hard Monday.
Maybe 15-20%.
Bình luận: When the market moves in our favor noone is posting. Interesting.
Bình luận: Adding to the position here.
Bình luận: If we negate all of yesterday losses it’s going to be very bullish.
Bình luận: We are almost there. 1 or 2 days and the bottom is in.
We wil get a good rally after this drop.
Bình luận: WE had quite the similar story with erx a few months ago.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Looks great so far. Hopefully USA will be a buyer today... not a seller again
Bình luận: Gap again.... and a gap close.
Have we just picked up Wizard Watsonzou at the gap close???
I'm sure we will get know if he sells again.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: I just realized that the earlier idea where to buy this was perfect.
I just didn't have the patience for a perfect entry:
Bình luận:
Bình luận: We just sliced through the 200 SMA.
Will be testing the May -Nov highs again this week.
If the intermediate low is in we might have the same rally we had in the green rectangle last November.
Bình luận: There's an interesting question from tbuckle below.
RSI just reaching overbought. After the previos intermediate low price stayed overbought for a long time. I highlighted by a red vertical ine where price was when we got overbought.... Price can run for weeks from here.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: We can easily test back 3,85 in January. If we break out of this 1 year consolidation and the cold weather continues in the states the breakout will be huge.
Bình luận: Breakout from the channel. Holding the long position.
Bình luận: And the breakout continues after the back test of the trendline
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Is there anyone still with me here?
Bình luận: I’m going to post a long idea soon. If someone wants to enter long I think this is the time.
Bình luận: Soon=today
Phản hồi
Any updates on NatGas?
Phản hồi
@barryknabe, I think it's bottomed.
Phản hồi
Keeping up to date to take trade
Phản hồi
one more down.....i still wait.
Phản hồi
Markets are closed in the US on Monday because of presidents day. The Russians will be happy to hear that. Maybe the market makers will make a move on low volume. I'm still on the side.
Phản hồi
I bought it last Friday - it didnt move at all this week...i mean not a bit..avg cost 52.90/share for 7k. Let's nail this. My thing is if it doesn't break $2.50 - I will be holding if not..i should get the hell out...
+1 Phản hồi
steveheaven79 steveheaven79
@steveheaven79, I think i got in at good support zone but at this point i think everyone else is also looking at this thing here as I am looking at it.
Phản hồi
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