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NEO - Extremely bullish in 2018.

BITTREX:NEOBTC   Neo / Bitcoin
We see that NEO has finally broken out of the downtrend and is now in the accumulation phase which may see continue well into 2018. With NEO ICO's picking up and some getting attention from massive companies (ex. Ali Baba) expect the demand for NEO coins to substantially increase next year in similar fashion to ETH earlier this year. Very low market cap just shows how incredibly undervalued this coin. Remember that as NEO value goes up, so does $GAS, thus store it on a Neo wallet.

Target for NEO (med-long term) - $600 USD.
Bình luận: So far so good, keep holding.
Bình luận: We're up more than 2x! Congrats if you stayed through!

Testing ATH (0.014) is the next big step forward, but I firmly believe it can happen. All depends on what happens to BTC on Feb 1st.
Yeah wtf is $GAS? Another crypto currency or do NEO holders already have it?
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mynameisguzzi devilninja777
@devilninja777, GAS is essentially a by-product on NEO which is "fuel" for the NEO network. It is also a token in itself that it can used to trade. As NEO value goes up, so does it's by-product aka GAS (which future ICO's will be using to run on).
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mynameisguzzi mynameisguzzi
and if you store NEO on a NEO wallet or Binance you get gas for free. Google GAS calculator.
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What do you mean with gas goes up?
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$600 in 2020 :p
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