NEOETH Descending vs Ascending Channel. Fight! HODLer TRADES

Hey Y'all,

NEO/ETH Seems to be bouncing around pretty tightly in this descending channel (Thick Sad Blue). I'm not really concerned about the USD comparitives as I'm LT             Hodling on both. But for shits and giggles, I would like to make some short/mid-term gains, playing them against each other.

Short Term Strategy: Timeframe: Now-end of Feb
Buy Targets: 50% @0.11(Bottom of D-Channel, Sad Blue), 50% @ 0.1(Bottom of Larger A-Channel, Sunny Yellow). AVG: 0.105 if both triggers pulled
Sell Targets: 100% Top of Descending Channel (0.135-0.141) with Tight trailing Stops when it breaks blue, wait to fall again to baseline(s), rinse/wash/repeat.
Hoping for 2 or 3 more bounces in this channel for 5-20% gains on each trade.

Mid-Long Strategy: Timeframe: Mid-March forwards
Once the price action and Blue meets the Yellow Baseline beyond the D-Channel Midline (dashed Red-End February):
Final Buy: 100% position @~0.107 - 0.115 on Yellow Baseline
Final Sell: %50 Top of Sunny Channel (~0.15 - 0.17), %50 HODL
Maybe Re-enter off of dips to Yellow Baseline...

Let me know what you think!

disclaimer: i'm noob. and dumb. and ugly. Trade at your own risk
Bình luận: Chugging away to Buy Target 0.11
Bình luận: down to 0.124
Bình luận: and broke that midline
Bình luận: Briefly thought about getting a small position on the midline around 0.12 but noticed it seems to only provide upward resistance but no downward support...should blow right thru it
Bình luận: Bounced off the DChannel top line again
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