NEO - Potential BUY Zone & 10 to 15 times return

We’we been continuosly following Cryptocurrencies and they all tend to follow rise&fall of BTC (as you might as well noticed). This time we‘re expecting BTC to fall down around 2.000$ by the end of the month -> for more detailed info check this :

Every BTC drop will be followed by other Cryptos, so you will have BUY chances for all of them as BTC is expecting rise up to 10.000$ in October/November.

NEO is extremely interesting now as it should be dropping with the BTC around 10$ per NEO, which means that you could use instant buy on Bitfinex and get 300-400 NEO, then instant sell them when NEO goes up (maybe even up to 100-150$ - which can give you 10 to 15 times return).

In a longer term NEO can even go up to 300$, but that‘s the story for 2018.

Good luck :)

(Sorry for the bad chart, it was edited on iPad)
Bình luận:

We had it in our buying area back in November, now it is going to the moon. Expecting to break 100 mark and 120, then all the way up to 150-200$
I'm skeptical of people calling this extreme low on bitcoin. Just look at the buying volume when it bounced from 3000 a couple days ago. (highest buying volume ever recorded) - looks bullish to me. I have doubts it will go below 3000 again.
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