Ants life (the extended cut)

Hello everyone, i hope you're all well.

I had some spare time and someone asked me to do an animated type TA chart, so I thought id give it a go. As always this is not financial advice, its simply my personal opinion and what I believe, take it as a pinch of salt.

This little Ant was more ambitious than the rest of his colony and wanted to explore the world and one day visit the moon, So he set of on his journey and a wild journey it has been, he has encountered many threats along the but always seems to find away around them and to push on further, this little Ant isn't letting anyone stop him from his Dreams.

This chart may pan out as I predict or it may not, as the pattern I am basing it on isn't the strongest, so do not invest based on this chart alone!! I personally believe we will see Neo back at $200 by the end of March/early April at the latest, but I do not own a Crystal ball so please do not hold me to it.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day, I hope you liked my chart for a little bit of light Humour.

Peace out and until next time.
perfecto keep em coming bro
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