NYMEX:NG1!   Hợp đồng Tương lai Khí gas tự nhiên
Natural gas is simply killing me. I left up the possible cycles just in case for some strange reason, NG dumps into mid January. But it sure does not look like its going to dump. It appears that we have started that winter rally. If this is the real winter rally, then a brief pullback would be a great opportunity to get back in this thing. NG left a large upper wick today so we will see what happens next week. I tried to apply wave analysis to NG but that looks to be a mistake. This has more to do with supply demand in cold weather. I am just going to watch this thing and see what happens to it if it does drop back to test that black trend line . If this is the start of the rally then that should last at least a month of huge gains.
Bình luận:
Cycles not working...Wave count not working... Super cold Cyclone bomb not working. Perhaps the best thing to do is just buy and sell according to RSI. With all the super cold record breaking weather, we should not have dropped so much. So be careful with this now. I feel we are in a grey zone and this could go either way. If it dumps a bunch then I would wait for a big RSI dip and buy UGAZ and vice versa.
Like Slim miller on youtube, he's a big cycle guy, but maybe this stuff works half the time. Sad to say I lost on this as well I shorted at the lows thinking oh yeah its headed for 2.5. well whos crying now.
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