NIFTY50/NB..."Like a Stampede....!"

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50
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Hello Traders,
since my last analyse Bulls and Option/Future Traders has push the Marked to new ATH             , by lifting NIFTY50 well above 11K, closing the Floor at 11083.70 and intraday high at 11092.90. A/d-Ratio was solid at 2.3, while TRIN was closing at ~0.67, indicating a solid Uptrend.
Notice that NIFTY             has exceed both, the blue and the red dotted Trendline of the Channel I have drawn at chart, showing an „Throw-over“ which occurs just at or close to the end of a Trend. Since Jan. 02 we see higher highs and higher lows, which signal an Uptrend too. Overall there is no sign for a reversal and as long as Price is trading above ~10783 area, the move is focused to the upside, with targets for NIFTY50 around 11335 area.
By observing NB the first target at 27309 was reached and exceed today, so the next one is may around 27530 zone. A Touch at 27036.20 will indicate that the impulsive move is at the end and a correction has started (to my view)! Shortterm targets to the downside may around 27200 and
27041 and 26805!
Take notice, that RoC and his MA (13) has not pushed to new high`s as it was just some hours after the wave (3) high. Since this time NB is still rising but RoC failed to do so. RSI is also showing divergence (14, close)!
Stay tuned....
Have a great day...............

Questions and Comments are welcome! 
Note!---> This analysis can be wrong. It is just in my view the one with the most probabiltity with the Data which are available to me and by my interpretation of the EW Theory. If you trade this it is done by your own risk and decision! Keep that in Mind!!!! 
Data by and! 

Sir what is the possibility that this is an extended 3rd of 3rd of 5th?

Also what are the signs of reversal that we should look for as per elliot wave?
As in what is the level below which this wave count will end?

Best Regards
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ruebennase PRO dheerajsood
Hello, the possibility is my target at ~ 11300 zone, marked with the grey dotted trendline at chart. The signs for a reversal we have to look as per EW is a 5-move to the downside, which implies at minimum a second 5-move down after a 3-wave countertrend up and below ~10490 the odds do increase that a trendreversal has occur!
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