NIFTY-17 Mar-7430 Holds like a Rock-Bring it On

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Market Bytes 16-Mar-2016
Market Bytes 17-Mar-2016
Anyone who has been following the market bytes trade plan for the last few sessions; would have had a rocking day yesterday. We have been harping on 7430 as a base in the markets since 8th March( fb .me/2fiSpDram). We also discussed a few aspects that this trading range will be a tough one to crack. Yesterday markets made an intraday low exactly at 7430 and bounced back near 100 points and looks strong for the coming session too.Infact I did send an in market alert to some close folks to buy at 7440 once 7430 was respected.
Now if we manage to hold above 7580 and also happen to clear 7620 levels we can be oncourse 7680 and 7780 trading levels. On the downside if we again fail to hold out and get into the 7580 zones then expect the tough range to continue but this time the base could be higher at 7520 levels.

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Bình luận: Market Bytes 18-Mar-2016
Nifty futures provided signs of a breakout yesterday to dissapoint eventually. What do we do in such days. Idea would be to stick to the levels yet and if opportunity comes; we wil still get enough. Yesterday we indicated two things " NIFTY to hold above 7580 and to trade above 7620". Since 7620 was never taken out so 7580 was the premptive stop for us. Markets are back in the range again. So again we watch out for sustenance above 7580 levels to consider long. Another opportunity could be longs in dips to 7520 with stops below 7490. Swing base continues to remain at 7430 levels.

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Bình luận: Market Bytes 21-Mar-2016
Nifty futures On Friday we had a put a trade plan to go long in dips to 7520 with stops below 7490. This worked brilliantly where markets marked a low of 7533 levels and bounced back to close above 7580. The fact that we close above that level augers well for the next session. If we manage to stay above these levels for a little while today we may look for a conculsive breakout above 7620 zones. On the downside 7550 is a good base this time around and if until that holds we look for a pullback trade. On the upside above 7620 the swing targets of 7680 and 7780 remains intact.
By the way we are now already near 170 points green from the 7430 trading level which has been beautifully respected and that is a level I did mention many times over.
One word of caution is this is a truncated week with Thursday being a holiday in India and Friday and next Monday a holiday in US and Europe.
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Bình luận: Market Bytes 22-Mar-2016
Nifty futures Finally broke out of the trade zone witha solid move. we did indicate that once 7580 was respected and 7620 was cleared. This also ensured that the first swing target was covered yesterday itself. Not much of a plan change for today. we keep the positions intacat. Swing base now remains at 7620 levels that was the breakout zone remember? On the upside 7680 will be the trend decider if market breaches that level expect some consolidation and expect a move on the upside if markets manage to hold that level.
#nifty #nseindia #sensex #stock
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well today could be the day if you are looking for a breakout , else if you are already in from 7430 then you are holding good :)
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AMBRISH PowerTrades
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Hope yesterday you finally got the move you wanted
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Day has come after long wait.
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