Nifty Demand and supply zone for Nov. 2018 and Dec 2018

NSE:NIFTY   Chỉ số Nifty 50

Sharing the Idea after long time, was busy with some personal work.

In today's idea i am sharing two charts, Nifty daily and weekly chart. Have marked Demand and supply zones on chart.

Every demand zone may provide the long opportunity and supply zone will give shorting opportunity.
Once price closes above or below demand/ supply zone they change the role(Check the demand supply zone concepts on internet if you dont know them).

For near Future the up move can be expected as we are trading in demand zone , if price closes below the current zone then demand zone below the price will become target. There are many support and resistances which i haven't marked, please identify them and mark them on your chart along with demand and supply zones shared in this idea.

For entry and exit use my Vstop indicator script, have shared link for the same in this idea.

Following will be imp dates in future, we can expect price reversal on these dates.


This idea is not investment advice, dont risk your money on the basis of this idea.

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