Massive opportunity on NMR, 11x potential

BITTREX:NMRBTC   Numeraire / Bitcoin

Hello Friends,

I was looking for coins and got this massive potential guy. Coin price is at the bottom. It is climbing, so Buy and add later. I will update the post with Targets. This is pure technical call on breakout, need to study Fundamentals. If you have any info on fundamentals, please post here or let me know.

More about the coin :

Forum :

Twitter :
ATL : 12000

Buy now : 19000

Targets :

760000 - Book more profits here and leave 5-10% for the next targets and forget for 6 months.

Stop loss :

Below 140000
Bình luận: We are 20% up from our levels
Bình luận: BTC goes up means Altcoins would go down. Hold your trades.
Bình luận: Our timing was bad, BTC price increase pushed all the altcoins down. Please hold and relax.
Bình luận: Can you hold this for 15 days for 100%? If yes please hold or exit.


Are 15 days too much for 100%? I dnot know, the price can hit the target in short time frame, but not sure. Target is around 400000.
Bình luận: move your stoploss to 18000.

Feel free to exit if you dnot like the coin.
Bình luận: Targets :

310000 - Heading towards the target.
760000 - Book more profits here and leave 5-10% for the next targets and forget for 6 months.
Bình luận: We hit our first target

Target 1: 31000 - Achieved.

But fell to the buy in range again.
Bình luận: 100% up today.
Bình luận: Book your profits, take your capital out and play with the profits.
Bình luận: it took almost 12 days to form the trade

Look at the base, it accumulated very well and trying to break.


And look the over all potential.


If you are interested you can hold this. As per our strategy, we are moving to top 100 coins or MCAP more than 250M. Few exceptions may be there.
Bình luận: Targets :

310000 - Target Achieved
400000 - Target Achieved
530000 - Next target
Is this guy on sale at 185k sats now??
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@maheswar81 you reckon the current BTC uptrend will break through &16k?
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@shaunmah, I am not much succcessful with BTC, sorry.

My view is BTC would fall to 6400, I dnot know when it will happen.
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You are great
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@maheswar81 well me being a lawyer, I did my due diligence upon your recommendations and I have to say that your style of analysis is right on point. I would love to follow your suggestions from this very moment, hence, i would like to know whether should I get into this NMR trade right now ? (Current price around 240000).
Also, I saw some posts on their previous thread stating this coin to be absolute scam, which is more dangerous than being worthless. Please advice.

Cheers from India.
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maheswar81 PRO gandharv1994
@gandharv1994, Hey there, Sorry I could not respond on time. I am out for vacation till Jan 2nd. Yes, the risk is bit higher as the difference between Stop loss and price is more, if you can take the risk, you can always buy at any price.
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I found this message from reddit helpful in my decision:

"Do you guys even understand what this is ? It is a work token. It is for people who have a model and want to compete. It is practically useless for everyone else.

The only thing listing this coin accomplishes is , say that there is a good machine learning quant who has a model that makes good predictions for a period and as a result he accumulates a lot of numeraire.

Then all of a sudden his model stops working because of change in regime alpha decay. Instead of staking it on his loosing algorithm and loose the numeraire he can just sell them on bittrex to suckers like you guys :). It is merely to provide liquidity to the users on the numeraire platform.

Other than participants of the contests ( i.e data modellers who actually do work) and fund investors of numeraire others will not see a dime of the cashflows from the hedge fund because with numeraire alone you get squat! you need to publish predictions and stake numeraire.

Before you start bashing me, I am a quant / data modeller, programmer and crypto buff.

I guess if you live long enough you really do get to see every wise trick.
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@soheild, Thats good info, Thanks for sharing. I would say most of the coins (95%) are useless. Ex: Doge, it is exactly replica of Bitcoin, what else it does extra? it is a fun coin. But it grew from 16 --> 60+

So I would recommend to go with the buy, you can take your risk. I am investing 0.1 BTC on this, to gain from the momentum.
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maheswar81 PRO maheswar81
@maheswar81, Invest what you can afford to lose.
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soheild PRO maheswar81
@maheswar81, you make a good point. I am watching stranger things happen left and right. I will probably hop on anyways to see what happens. :)
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