I have been studying the markets and particularly charts and technical analysis for over 50 years(started in my teens). The keys to finding good entry points are time and price. Sometimes you only have a price target, other times you only have a count, an actual day. Those calls are tougher to make and why I am often a little bit early before an upside breakout actually occurs. Right now one of my favorite stocks over the last year, NTNX             has been in a correction as I rightly called for(a bit early). Today it hit my expected price target but because I don't have an actual time target, it could go lower, it could bounce around and I don't believe it is ready to resume it's advance, just yet. I still expect them to be bought out at much higher prices, so long term holders and new buyers will do well. Just don't look for an immediate new leg higher from here. The other stock that I alluded to recently, DOES have both specific, time and price targets. The time target is Wed.Feb 14th (both Ash Wed.& Valentines Day) a coincidence that has no meaning, just happens to be the target day according to it's chart. I will reveal the stock and price target before the 14th, stay tuned. Chartsmaster
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