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So, on my last NXT post, I said that this was a a "buy and forget about it" investment. Where you literally buy it, and forget about it. Why? Because it isn't going anywhere for a while. If we compare this with our previous wave 2 consolidation, it took about 140 days to complete. In order for us to reach apex, it may take us as much as 4 more months from now. I don't think we'll bounce much right now, maybe to the 55 cent range? But it will be a while before we lift off again.

The next target would be $3.39 or higher. But its going to be a while. I cannot reiterate enough on how important it is to just forget about this coin! LOL. If you watch the price everyday you will just be disappointed. I may have thought we were going to get some better price action a few weeks ago, but I don't think that will happen.

Perspective: I think this will play out like a coin that we are all too familiar with. Ripple! Remember when ripple wouldn't leave that 25 cent threshold?? And people kept saying "why the hell would I invest in ripple? It doesn't freaking move." Then that's when Ripple jumped to over $3. That's what people are going to be saying about NXT. "Why won't NXT go anywhere?" Then Boom.

It's not going to be a quick one guys, this is going to take time. You could invest now and just forget about it, OR you could wait later and come back in. BUT this will take time. 133 Days would make sense, but it could happen a little sooner or even a little later than that. But it's coming.
I appreciate your analysis here. I tend to agree except for your RIpple comment. Ripple had positive fundamentals when it made its big release after press release with banks signing on and such. You will still need those underlying fundamental triggers to spark a run-up with NXT.
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Eball8 PRO tvbman17
@tvbman17, exactly right! However, NXT is much lower in market cap, it doesn't need as much notoriety to drive prices like Ripple. They could create another child chain and give out more dividends like they did with IGNIS and that would be enough.
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tvbman17 Eball8
@Eball8, agreed
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