From Now On I Will Post Economic-Fundamental Trades/Themes Only

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From now on, I will start only posting trades that align with economic-fundamental analysis. The reason why is that I like aligning myself with the power of big trends and big powers, it is lower risk, and the odds often move in my favor when I focus on global economic themes. Trading with chart-wizardry often leads to losses.

I've seen people here SHORT USDCAD             , and SHORT USDJPY             , when it doesn't make sense at the time because of the crystal ball they see in the price with no further evidence to support what they see. So, trading becomes gambling rather than trading. When they get stopped out, they have no reason why other than saying that their crystal ball was misaligned. lol! Surely, they will be correct and win many pips, but it is ludicrous to ignore reality.

So, today's trades will be my last, pure, technical posts. Some will win and some won't. Thus, I shall be focused on bigger time frames like the monthly, weekly, daily, 8 hours and 4 hours; and sometimes hourly or 15 minute for clarity before entry.

But there will be a reason and an investment theme behind my trades from here on out.
I will probably keep posting economic predictions, because I enjoy getting those right.