BITTREX:OMGBTC   OmiseGO / Bitcoin

Omisego looking bullish .
- RSI @ 53, neutral but becoming oversold.
- MACD trending well, last crossed on Feb. 6th , and continuing in new trend nicely.
- Bollinger Bands have narrowed indicating a sideways trend may have formed for the time being. BUT they also seem to beginning to widen again, indicating another outbreak imminent, and with a current upwards price movement so far, the outbreak may very well be a bullish one.
- Watch the Fib Retracement levels, if we can move upward past 0.5, expect further bullish movements.

- Is continuing in recently formed upper price channel .
- A beautiful reverse H&S seems to have completed, now awaiting outbreak.
- Yellow lines forming ascending triangle .
-Overall downward trend has reversed, but will trend reversal continue? That really all depends on what Bitcoin does.
Bình luận: ERX, first support level broken. WHY?! I believe the answer is BTC. GOD DAMN PAIRING
Bình luận: 0.5 Fib Retracement level becoming a major level of resistance.
Im still learning the analysis but this doesn't look realistic this looks like you want this to happen but I cant forsee this actually happening unless there's a serious hype around it
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Vermillionz Madhatta2411
@Madhatta2411, lol What does not look realistic, the fact that I predict OMG will either bounce off 0.5 fib retracement level downwards, or it will continue past upwards?
That's why the title says "omisego Bullish?" notice the question mark..

Also, I explain pretty clear that it is not necessarily bullish and may indeed dip again depending on what btc does. And what dyou know, OMG followed btc price as I have alluded to (bouncing.5 fib level).

If you are going to criticize, please make it an intelligent criticism, not some vague statement. For example maybe you feel my ascending triangle is poorly constructed, in this case, I would appreciate specifics. Like "oh hey that ascending triangle is off" or "I think the Fib Retracement need to moved to...".

Without giving me specific grievances you have with the chart, I just assume you are a troll.
- I am also new to charting, usually do it when I am bored. BUT I only post these to learn, to have people give me tips, advice and constructive criticism. So if you are going to criticize, make it so people can actually learn something from it.....
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Vermillionz Madhatta2411
@Madhatta2411, and you want Hype? clearly you are new or else you would know about SDK and PLasma being used on Eth blockchain.. pretty amazing stuff.
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Madhatta2411 Vermillionz
@Vermillionz, No I am not invested in the coin I am tracking the coin for a good opportunity to sell off some of my assets to acquire some of these. I am in favor of this coin however what I was saying was that the trend does not look realistic. I understand crypto is not realistic in the way it inflates or deflates but there is still something to me that looks off on this chart. I see this trading sideways for a while before it goes up at the rate that it is currently bouncing back and forth
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Vermillionz Madhatta2411
@Madhatta2411, Again with the extremely vague statements, ex: "there is still something to me that looks off on this chart", lol c'mon man. If something looks off and you cannot identify it, you might be a troll, or just illiterate when it comes to charts.

Again, I did not predict one, standard trend. All my chart does is identify the recently forming upper channel trend, and in doing so, shows what some indicators are saying (RSI, MACD). I make it very clear omisego will either surpass 0.5 fib retracement level, or bounce off it back down to the next fib retracement level. This is pretty clear, and my chart does not suggest or say that omg will take off in a bullish manner. like it clearly warned BTC will bring it down if it dips again, how much more unbias can I be?

Also, your arguments here remind me of a troll. But to give you the benefit of the doubt, I assume you are either a kid or foreign. You don't live in the western world do you?
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