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OMG/ETH Crystal Ball hasn’t failed me yet

BINANCE:OMGETH   OmiseGO / Ethereum
These last couple of weeks have been great if you’ve been following OmiseGO. There hasn’t really been any deception in the OMG/ETH chart and the swing trade I opened last week has developed perfectly up to this point. I’ve closed 20% of my initial position at 0.025, and my second sell order for another 20% closed at 0.0285 in the middle of today’s rocket of a green candle. The third 20% closed near the top of the candle at 0.034.

I’m expecting a retrace/consolidation back to the 0.025 level before our next big move towards the 0.038 level where I’ll close another 20%. The last 20% will be a dynamic trade that I plan to develop once we receive news of the Cosmos OMG airdrop. I try to rely on prominent historical resistance and support levels, but I’m really only relying on speculation of how high this could go in anticipation of the “hard spoon”. I’m not going to rule out closing the last 20% of my initial 0.0225 OMG/ETH position around the 0.06-0.065 levels.

We’re in for a fun April and May OmiseBros.

- Peace -
May 17 2018. I am a long holder of OMG, for I believe in the project. However, almost all crypto's move off BTC and pressing play on this chart was a little heartbreaking.

Nevertheless, I still got my OMG and just got some more on sale. Hope big daddy BTC gets better.
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@OhTheFuture, man I’m with you there. It was a little painful to see this retrace, but I’m with you in the LONG boat and I bet if we look back at these entry prices a year from now we’ll regret not having bought more.

What are your thought’s on BTC lately? I just posted this like 15 minutes ago:

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Thanks for this idea. I made a good profit!
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@Kolan2018, great to hear that! This next wave might provide an even larger return. We shall see..
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