OMG - i love you - potential 200% in the mid-long term

BITFINEX:OMGUSD   OmiseGo / Dollar
Hi guys!
i love omg. seriously i do. i think this coin is great. Omisego wants to be a payment platform for mainly the asian region. It's parent company Omise, is already servicing a lot of Thailand's transactions already and has great partnerships lines up! Think long term, like 2020. Like Japan olympics 2020 :)

Buy: 13.70-17.09
Sell: 34 - 42

Oh my god can i get started.
1) Wallet release in q1
2) Staking by q2
3) Fiat gateways in the near future
4) Decentralised exchange coming up
5) PLASMA !!!!! Coming up too. Plasma is amazing and looks to rival visa and mastercards tps.
Mind you OMG is a long term coin, not a quick get rich pnd             coin.
For now, it looks like OMG is in its consolidation phase. It has completed 3 of the 5 elliot impulse waves and we are currently in the 4th wave. Wave 2 had retraced perfectly onto the 0.618 levels, as has the 4th wave here and now we are consolidating. I used the USD chart because BTC             was looking all over the place, so i came here to get better clarity.
Using fib extensions, wave 3 hit a high of around $28 which is around the 1.618 fib line, so its not wild to assume that OMG may hit the 2.618, but to be be conservative we'll take a more broader end range.

People will argue that wave 4 retraces into wave 1 territory, you're correct but only by a wick and not a body so the 4th corrective wave stands true.

I'm still new to these elliot waves and fibs. I am open to any criticism. Go ahead and grill me :)

i am concerned about wave 4 retracing into wave 1 and seems more then a wick? I truthfully see a candle and a half and that gives me pause. Waiting for a dip 16.50 for entry then will add if it breaks 18. Fingers crossed
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Fully agree with you on this one.
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34-42....quite a bit of spread there lol. This coin will be a triple digit blue ribbon baby in the next couple of months. The more I learn about it , the further down the rabbit hole I go.
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