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OMG - target $1000 in Februari 2018

BITFINEX:OMGUSD   OmiseGo / Dollar
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Still looks good to me. I'm a rookie, and a damn bad trader. Whatever you do don't take my advice.
Bình luận: The White Dragon is just about to wake up from its slumber...
Bình luận: Economist magazine 2018. What does the cover mean? Well, I think I have an idea. The coin around the phoenix neck has the symbol of an empty set, ∅. So what is empty in cryptocurrency? Well Ethereum comes from the word Aether which in Old Newtonian physics was seemingly unexplainable empty medium in which light happens to pass through. So, ethereum of some sort is probably going to be the new global currency in 2018. Since Vitalik Buterin is backing OmiseGo that is a huge tell that OmiseGo has a chance of becoming the new global currency.
Also the coin around the phoenix's neck is golden. That could be a symbol for gold backed future currencies. A huge transport of wealth is currently going on from west to east. With China and Russia and islamic world preparing for the dollar collapse - since they've been buying alot of our western gold the last decade.

Bình luận: Economist magazine 1988
Bình luận: OMGBTC - plain and simple:
Bình luận: OMGETH - plain and simple:
Bình luận: Returned to the non-linear trend line that leads to $1000 OMG within months.
Bình luận: *within two months.
Bình luận: A guess about the future: I think it will very slowly go up so that it reaches $110 around the beginning of February. Then while the month evolves I think it will explode to $1000.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Broke below an important trend line. This could result in some downward movement. I'm staying invested, do as you choose.
Bình luận: I don't have much to say here. Looking good and stable.
Bình luận: I would guess that a steep rise to $75 is coming soon. Could be wrong just guessing a bit... Why not?
Bình luận:
Bình luận: You gotta love this volatility.
At least you feel alive. :P
Honestly i haven't felt any adrenaline (FUD) at all.
This thing is going up and everyone knows it.

(not trading advice, I have no insider info, investing is your own responsibility)
Bình luận: Buying opportunity now.
Bình luận: There an "area of friction" incoming in a week or two. It's most probably going to go around this area (above or below). BUT, if any influential owner want to minimize the effect of making positive announcements and news, this area is the optimal place to do this. Then simply steer the price there and make those news. This wouldn't make the price skyrocket (due to the friction) and you can accumulate the most coins possible. All you have to do is to continue making the price follow the Fibonacci ring it has tracked since September 2017. :)

Bình luận: A while ago I posted a zoomed out view. Here it is:
Bình luận:
Bình luận: I've been looking at the chart and come up with some new targets. Consider this with a grain of salt please.

Very conservative target: $100 within 2 months.
Conservative target: $400 at 1 mars.
Optimistic target: $1700 at 1 april.
NWO currency target: $10 000+ at 1 may.
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Zoomed in... I'm not panicing... Some big patterns has to help the price propel to the $1000+ level. I think this is that pattern. Breaking out of this upwards will create the momentum needed for such a rise.
Bình luận: So there is a really big resistance around $25-$26. On the other hand, when pushing through this monstrous resistance, it will definitely ignite the OMG and take it to extreme levels.
Bình luận: If someone create bullish memes for OMG around $25-26 level that would help affect at the most critical time where the biggest resistance is. So let OMG go to $25 by it's own will and then release the meme like a bomb around $25-26. This could also be a good timing for OMG to release good news. Breaking through $25-26 is not a piece of cake.
Bình luận: Why I think it will break trough the huge resistance:
Small Fibonacci circle sets are dominant over larger onces, and the smallest one is bullish and also fulfills the important rule of thumb that says that the center of the circle set should be in the vicinity of the fractal attraction point (impossible metaphysical point where trendlines meet).
Bình luận: Some of you should understand what I'm saying intuitively. I would guess 10% of you understand. 2% of you can do this yourself. The rule of thumbs is on my website, the last section.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: This article is interesting. It's about how everything is plunging. Is the conspiracy theory about new world currency 2018 valid. Maybe it really is...
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Mark of the beast: Dow falled 666 points yesterday.
Bình luận: Dollar, Bonds, Stocks, Precious metals, Cryptos - all is falling.

The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. In this case every asset class is going down. So where is liquidity going? Could it be the gold backed petro-yuan that's haunting the markets. Could money flow into gold and it's not visible because the gold price is set each day by some bankers...

THIS IS HOW THEY SET THE GOLD PRICE (also source below):
"For over a century, five companies ran the London Gold Market Fixing Company and set prices through a process conducted by telephone called the “London Gold Fix.” 1 On March 20, 2015, the ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA) took over and replaced the process with an electronic auction system called the LBMA Gold Price. 2 3 The LBMA owns the rights to the process. Several banks, an oversight committee, and a panel of internal and external chair members make up the IBA. Twice daily, at 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM UK Time, the IBA publishes the LBMA Gold Price in US dollars, which serves as a benchmark price for gold producers, investors, consumers, and central banks worldwide."
Bình luận: Prices shouldn't be set by "professionals" and "experts", it should be set spontaneously by a seemingly chaotic exchange of goods and services...
Bình luận: Should be 7:th February at the end.

Sometimes when there is a strong attraction point like the one
at 7:th February, there is phenomenon of a sudden spike upwards
at the same day. This is usually a temporary movement and may
act like some kind of quantum collective awareness that the
attraction point actually exists (it's probably still on the
subconscious level but still an awareness). So when this
collective awareness is triggered, it is so sudden that a
noticeable spike in price is created. Take this with a grain of
salt. The spike itself is probably not a buying opportunity
because of the fact that it usually is just a spike and that it
goes down again. I'm sharing my inner thoughts now,so this
particular chart should just be considered as entertainment.
Let's wait for 7:th February and look for that spike.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: OMG topped exactly on a Fibonacci ring today. This makes the Fibonacci circle set happy. Let's see if it can continue up. Haven't sold a single one of my OMG's.
Bình luận: I think it will continue its rise. It is not supported by a Fibonacci ring and moving averages are looking good.
Bình luận: *It is NOW supported by a Fibonacci ring and moving averages are looking good...

(wrote "not" in last comment but that's wrong)
Bình luận: MA bullish cross and above Fibonacci ring. Next resistance is around $27.
Bình luận: I'm repeating something important below. Breaking up from the Fibonacci (marked in blue) should propel OMG price to $110 at an initial state. The resistance for that blue part is around $27 as mentioned before.
Bình luận: Let's see how it reacts to this ring marked with a fat red line...
Bình luận: Zoomed in a bit more:
Bình luận: Not looking good right now. Could fall to that good old $11-12 level again. I'm holding on here (reminder to self, do not marry your investments).
Bình luận: Bearish cross of moving averages also... Ouch!
Bình luận:
Bình luận:

Currently hitting the outmost Fibonacci ring. This is big. Do or die time.
Bình luận: Volume picking up + spike up

Bình luận: Outmost Fibonacci ring has spoken.

Bình luận:
Bình luận: In about 16 hours the "wall" will be hit again.
It would be healthy if it spiked up then.
Bình luận: Hitting the wall again.
Bình luận: It decided to take the healthy route again. That gladdens me.
Bình luận: Exactly 16 hours later...
Bình luận: Maybe we cpould get another sweet little spike to $29 would be sweet.
I can say "please" if it helps.
Bình luận: Spike to $29 coming any moment?
Bình luận: It will probably come when western europeans are on their lunch break. So they will miss it. Well, I'll go for some lunch now.
Bình luận: Clean chart. Redundant stuff removed.
Bình luận: Probably it wont break $30 until next year. And I could be wrong offcourse.
Bình luận: Random artwork. Crystal structure of OMG. Price looking a bit too low btw.
please update omg
Phản hồi
This is the funniest thing I've seen for a while.
+1 Phản hồi
Maybe you were just wrong about the time period. Beyond that the resistances you mentioned were right and hit them hard. Could you update this chart?
Phản hồi
LogicalDeduction franco.cejudo
@franco.cejudo, It's a bit shameful.
Phản hồi
LogicalDeduction franco.cejudo
@franco.cejudo,I consider the chart faulty for the time being.
Phản hồi
LogicalDeduction franco.cejudo
@franco.cejudo, Let me summarize it for you. There is an impossible resistance at $30.
If this is broken though (and I mean broken for real...), then it's time to get serious again because then OMG means business.
Phản hồi
LogicalDeduction franco.cejudo
@franco.cejudo, The $30 level is the holy grail of resistances.
Phản hồi
LogicalDeduction franco.cejudo
@franco.cejudo, But since the $30 resistance is so marked - it's almost as if its drawn by hand (by design). And why would such a resistance exist if not it was meant to be broken.
Phản hồi
$1000 feb 2018 looooooool
Phản hồi
@abd17mou, hehe... Yes I failed that one.
Phản hồi
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