OmiseGo Buy Opportunity

BITFINEX:OMGUSD   OmiseGo / Dollar
This is a short term trade. The price bounces from the support zone formed by SMA50, the uptrend line and 20.00 support level . RSI confirms price reversal. MACD supports upward movement. Pending orders for buy can be placed at 23.20 level. Stop orders should be at 19.50 level. Profit target should be at 26.00 and 30.00 levels.
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@DLavrov Great work! What do you think about further bullish movements?
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Nice One
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@DLavrov hi please say about omgbtc.
Is it going up to 0.003 ?
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I thin OMG will hit 100 by mid 2018! almost everything is happening this year. Its only bound to moon with every single update and news that comes out! Long hold on this one!
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I bought OMG, how many days should I hold to see 26 level?
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@tsedee, Dude what kind of question is this? It all depends on the market. Nobody has a crystal ball. It could shoot to $26 within one hour or could take a few days, nobody can say for sure.
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Been following your charts for a few days now and I just want to say I really like your style of breaking down the TA. I note that the DMI does not support a buy. How much weight do you give to each indicator to give you a valid reason to buy or not? Also, you have Bollinger Bands but rarely refer to them. Hope you dont think im being a dick, just want to genuinely learn from what you're sharing here. I look forward to your posts mate. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing. (FWIW, I was long from the restest of previous resistance and been HODL since) ;-)
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Short term trade as in how many hours?
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