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OmiseGOnna Rip One In 2018 (OMGUSD C&H)

BITFINEX:OMGUSD   OmiseGo / Dollar
Anyone who has seen my ideas before will know that I may be slightly obsessed with the cup and handle pattern, but it is just such a strong pattern. Bitcoin broke out of it's cup and handle early this year, and now look where we are. I see this as a potential play for OmiseGO.

After topping out around $13.70 back in September (end of wave 1), OMG consolidated for about two months until bottoming around $5.50 (end of wave2). Since then its been on a steady rise, aside from the flash crash, which does not invalidate the pattern in my opinion.

Even if the cup and handle fails to complete correctly for some reason, I still believe this is a good long opportunity for OMG, as we are obviously in a massive bull market. 2018 is going to be huge for all coins. We are in another expansion period similar to this spring, except likely longer and more massive, as most of these coins are moving on to there third waves.

TP 1: $18.00
TP 2: $50.00
TP 3: $200.00
I based these test points off the fib circles drawn. $200 seems very possible as a potential wave 3 target. I expect the C&H to complete before January, but it may even complete before the end of this year.
Bình luận: Bouncing off cloud support nicely
Bình luận: On our way to $13. Lets see if it'll make a handle :D
Bình luận: Breakout. New ATH!
Bình luận: pump it
Bình luận: I've just been holding OMG, but I think past couple weeks was a retest of the breakout. Might flag here, but I'd say it looks good for more up.
Bình luận: Something like this would be amazing:
Bình luận: Looking really good. OMG just broke out of a flag. Looks like it is passing the median pitchfork line again. Next target is $30, then $50.
Bình luận: Going to orange pitchfork line now I believe.
Bình luận: My buddy Ed has a nice chart showing $30 as next resistance as well. https://s3.amazonaws.com/tradingview/sna...
Bình luận: Price got slammed when BTC broke out. The flag continues..
Bình luận: This may be a good pitchfork channel to watch for this uptrend. OMG may chop in this range for a couple more days, but I'm looking for a breakout.
Bình luận: Books are thin. 4H looks decent for more up, but may just go sideways till cloud. Bouncing off the bottom aqua trend line now.

OMGBTC 4H needs to get back into that cloud support and hold it.
Bình luận: 4H bollinger bands starting to compress more as well. Good sign for more up soon.
Bình luận: Things are looking very good. I was able to draw a shorter term pitchfork. Red zones a resistance areas. Break the median pf, go to $30 i think. Break $30 go to $50. BTC seems like its in a short term downtrend so this may give alts room to pump for a few days.
Bình luận: From a cliff high report: "The data sets continue to grow in support for OMG and 'new opportunities' that are going to be 'touted
(made visible in media)' over the last of Winter (northern hemisphere) such that by late February, OMG
is seen as a 'leader' in the Spring. There continues to be growth in sets for OMG to be gaining over
2018 through well into 2019, with some sets describing OMG as a 'leader' in the larger group of rising
coins/tokens from the 'Spring (northern hemisphere) ramp up'.
The data sets for OMG are working off the 'payments' sets. There are a number of 'payments' sets that
are related to 'payroll', and 'government'. These sets are filled with supporting sub sets for the idea of a
'contract' to act as the 'payroll vehicle' by a number of 'large government agencies'. These sets are NOT
clear indicators that OMG will be this 'vehicle', but the preponderance of the data at the moment has it
as a greater potential for this coin than others"
Bình luận: OMG on life support.. Let's see if the buy wall at $19.00 holds it up.
Bình luận: Looks like its about to breakout on low TFs. If this channel is valid I am thinking next target is around $35, back to the median pitchfork line. Hoping the projection comes true, but if OMG happens to fall out of the PF I may go short.
Bình luận: Previous chart did not work out as I had wanted it to. BTC dump caused all alts to dump hard. Everything depends on BTC here. I have no position on OMG at the moment, but it likely has bottomed with the rest of the alts and is ready for some more up. I longed EOS this time around, but will put some profits back into OMG when I get the chance. On this idea's main chart it looks like the median line showed to be strong resistance for OMG forcing it down to the outside of the fib circle. Be cautious here regardless of what you are trading.
Bình luận: Haven't updated in awhile but it looks like OMG is hot again. After the huge drop the bottom of the PF channel held it up. Looks like a flag here
hi can you update? thank you
Phản hồi
Wow! you have put some work in here> Appreciate it! :D
Phản hồi
jwlondon98 bearfoot
@bearfoot, no problem man! :D
Phản hồi
looks like it might be testing the fib arcs
Phản hồi
jwlondon98 420snoop
@420snoop, agreed
Phản hồi
When is bottom ? Its alredy 7.50 looking that will pull down more ?
Phản hồi
@DrLove, It has support here. If 7.50 breaks next support would be that trend line a little lower. The bottom of the ichi cloud is there so this is a support zone in my opinion. Almost all alts are looking very oversold. Should reverse soon if bitcoin can chill out.
Phản hồi
jwlondon98 jwlondon98
@jwlondon98, If it breaks the yellow line and the cloud support on the daily then the pattern is invalidated in my opinion.
Phản hồi
DrLove jwlondon98
@jwlondon98, gotta you,thanks ...good to know for srop loss
+1 Phản hồi
nfs5 jwlondon98
@jwlondon98, Love it. Thank you. More!
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