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ONT bull flag +41% target within 48-72 hours

BINANCE:ONTBTC   Ontology / Bitcoin
Another bull flag . This couldn't be more obvious. Only thing that may stop this is a rally of BTC or other alts (like EOS), which may pull focus from ONT .

Hint: Watch BTC , EOS, ONT , NEO

Rallies to begin soon and bigger rallies to begin on or around 4-20-2018.
Bình luận: Still flat and flagging. Should break upward.. maybe in 6 hours or so. Thursday night rallies beginning again hopefully.
Bình luận: This one died a bad death.. Hmm.. maybe it's just cuz BTC and ETH are doing well. ONTUSD is probably up if they had a chart for it.
3rd wave done, I don't think we can see a break-out soon

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Good call! I might pick up some ont for the next run.
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2 bull flags is correct
however if BTC rises in dollar value - Ontology will automaticly adjust (basicly drop in BTC value)
Why are you using default ichimoku settings.
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Tin.Foil ironflag
@ironflag, Because default Ichimoku settings are accurate for me. They are very accurate on 4h and 1D scales, if you read the ichimoku traditionally.
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Good call so far.
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