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TenX PAY Buy Opportunity

BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
The price bounced from the support zone formed by the uptrend line, SMA100 and confirmed continuation of the main uptrend. MACD supports the upward movement and DMI shows that the market has potential for strong price movement and reaching the previous highs at least. RSI reverses in the overbought zone and we should expect for short term retracement to the uptrend line. The zone near SMA100 and the uptrend line will be good for opening new long positions. You can wait for a confirmed reversal signal from this zone and trade based on it or you just place pending orders for buy at 0.000300 level with stop orders at 0.000250 level. Profit target for short term trading should be at 0.000400 level. If you are looking for long term trades, the profit target should be at 0.000600 level and a part of volume can be left for long run. Also it's possible to open such trades based on the current prices. Use the same stop and take-profit orders.
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Tenx is having legal troubles. Charts and statistics are good but please bother to read the news. Don't buy .
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MrZep SaroshSyed
@SaroshSyed, they give new cards to the customers with new provider...nothing to worry about it
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Tenx is having legal troubles . Don't buy
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P-U-M-P SaroshSyed
@SaroshSyed, So what if it's having legal troubles? Just an excuse to scare people. I just bought a bagload. $$$
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P-U-M-P SaroshSyed
@SaroshSyed, This is how it works: Buy fear; sell greed! =D $$$
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The card provider wavecrest withdrew their support for Tenx and current cards will not work. Bad new indeed. Not sure how this will affect porice, but something to bear in mind before trading their token right now
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@francisc, i was about to post that, do u @DLavrov think this is gona affect tenxpay
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Would you make more analysis for more altcoins ?
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Hello !

Please should i wait until it's down again to 0.0003 or i should buy right now since it's more than 0.0003 ?

Thanks ! :)
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