Pivx - Time of decision?

BITTREX:PIVXBTC   Pivx / Bitcoin
This is a bit of an experimental Gann chart. I got the count right but the set-up, well, I'm going for the absolute top on that first move, not the first real pull-back. I think there will be something here though.
So, watch where Pivx is on that chart, support below and strong resistance above. But if we can get through that thick resistance line ahead, we might breakout. If she breaks out, I would target around .0027 to .005 (those next red rings and Fib resistance points). If she breaks, Great support at .0004. Low risk trade imo             .

I wouldn't enter here (much) but I would hold if I had. With Zerocoin on the horizon, this might be an EXTREMELY good play in the anonymous space. For what it will give with Zercoin, combined with its speed, staking/masternode system, functionality (nice wallets), advanced             Dash fork and that low price, this coin could see huge gains once the masses come next year, but beginning over the next few months.

Bình luận: Looks like she is getting ready to break through resistance (green line). When that happens, look out above...
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