Power Ledger ready for takeoff ?

BITTREX:POWRBTC   PowerLedger / Bitcoin
Fundamentals are amazing

I have been buying my way into POWR during its initial downtrend from 4000 to 3000 and have advised to clients and students to look into it since the 3000 to 6000 levels back in december. Sold a huge part of it when I said that alt season was over.

After the chaos of january, it seems that POWR found itself again, and is ready for a very high reward low risk trade.
Bought back the initial position when btc             was 6100-6300$ as with all my alts, and now I'm a buyer again, looking to add in case we get a second alt seasons (LTC, ETC, OMG, XRP and few others paved the way)

virtual stop loss (meaning I will set an alarm and monitor the reaction) below the blue line. Targets will depend on momentum. Rebuy levels too. It all depends on btc             piercing the resistance or not.
This is an aggressive buy for a trade, as a TOO bullish btc             or simply bearish btc             will make powr/btc suffer, so act accordingly. But it is also decent long term investor re-entry

Stay frosty
Bình luận: As you saw, not good ! Uptrend was broken, retested, failed, and then a last chance to sell

If you did not get one of the two small spikes of yesterday and today, you can wait for btc to calm for a spike up, or impose yourself a fixed maximum loss

Rebounds expected at 6600 and 7500 levels
Bình luận: Bleed is slower than expected, still waiting for POWR to break down. Looking to buy around at the blue support line, ex resistance, ideally below the gray line

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