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Trading Idea for POWR

BITTREX:POWRBTC   PowerLedger / Bitcoin
$POWR has achieved a new all time high today and I believe there's more to come.

For more information go to:

Maybe now is the perfect time to step in...what do you think?

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MasterOfCoinage ravnikarluka
@ravnikarluka - The pull-back came because $BTC made a little move and touched the retracement level that I was anticipating. We could consolidate around here for a little while, but I'm fairly confident we'll see a move to the upside at some stage.
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ravnikarluka MasterOfCoinage
@MasterOfCoinage, I agree...thats why I am in on POWR...but not for the long run, make my profits and then I am out...I still think that Suncontract (SNC) has a better power program and it is launching it Q1 of 2018, Power Ledger is doing that next year, but SNC is not on any major market so for now I will wait.
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yigitfatih ravnikarluka
@ravnikarluka, which goal do you plan to powr? I think first target: 170 , second target 195 .
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yigitfatih yigitfatih
@yigitfatih, sorry * Which goal do you plan to sell the powr?
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@yigitfatih - My current target is indicated on the chart - "The Purple Box".
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ravnikarluka yigitfatih
@yigitfatih, 165-180 then I am out, taking the profit and that is it...sometimes it is best to quit while you are ahead
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yigitfatih ravnikarluka
@ravnikarluka, thank you. You are right.
+1 Phản hồi
@yigitfatih & @ravnikarluka - One method that I use is selling "Partials".

So I sell 20% (or so) of my position at a time as the price moves up towards my targets.
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ravnikarluka MasterOfCoinage
@MasterOfCoinage, good method

mine with ripple right now is to sell50% and then keep the other 50 % but move stop loss up so eaven if it falls I still profit :)
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