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Powerledger, get to know it.

BINANCE:POWRBTC   PowerLedger / Bitcoin
What's there not to like about Powerledger? That's a real question I hope someone actually can answer. From a TA perspective, it simply looks set to make a move in the next few hours or days and one can be safe by waiting for a solid break out upwards.

The idea is great as well. It's basically about sharing local electricity using a cryptographic token. They've attracted funding from the Australian government. They've got a demo location in place where people trade locally generated electricity. They've got what looks like a solid team of true believers and real geeks. There are several good stories in the news

one of which is that they made the top 3 of Richard Branson's Extreme Tech Challenge at CES 2018

Good news that did not really make a positive mark on the coin price, rather the reverse; it plummeted just days after the above announcement. Which is curious and reason why I'm asking if there's anything not to like here.

At any rate, examine the graph, examine their idea I think there's a clear case for this technology to find adaption and a clear first mover advantage in this team.

Not intended as investment advice.
Looking forward to your comments and likes.
Bình luận: At this time, Bitcoin is in a very strong downward trend and pulling many altcoins with it. It may make POWR's recovery take longer. On the other hand it may receive direct support if & when Bitcoin recovers.
As long as bitcoin's price dominates all of crypto these fluctuations can happen. We should ask why if bitcoin is so important, so few people want to still hold it?
Giao dịch đang hoạt động:

What's strange about crypto is the dominance of BTC. In traditional markets, BTC going down would not so negatively affect coins such as powerledger, but even against BTC, powerledger fell. So the actual drop vs USD was huge, a valuation of $2 to almost $0.40 within a month ( ). Only because of lack of confidence in bitcoin.

Do realize though that two powerledger executives were invited to and present at the WEF at Davos and are pitching their idea to very deep pocketed investors such as Richard Branson. Ordinarily you would not be able to gain a piece of this company until much later but now thanks to the crypto markets, you can. And at what now seems to be a solid discount.

I like this company and its ideas, There are real downsides to having it available in such an immature market dominated by such a volatile asset. On the other hand, we all know the opportunities here as well.
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