Populous PPT buy zone

BINANCE:PPTBTC   Populous / Bitcoin
Made a decent technical play on this one already with a sell order at 0.0072 and a low buy at 0.0049 that wound up hitting on the hammer . Looks like it is holding this channel, and next move up should put us at least in the .009-0.01 range if it doesn't break out of this pattern completely (which I am totally expecting).. Staggered buy's would be a good strategy, pick up a little now in case it does a repeat of earlier this month and hangs out sideways before touching the line again... and then set a few buys at lower levels in case another flush happens before taking off. Very bullish on this coin for 2018, and a few nice technical moves could up your portfolio nicely on this one.. With all those volume pumps in the last few months.. someone is loading up on this one! I have also had a few ridiculously low buy's hit on Etherdelta... wacky trading action on there that can work in your favor sometimes.. lol.. Best of luck!
Hi thanks! What do you make of recent bearish action. It looks like coins that were doing well during the crash have a harder time during consolidation / recovery.
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