BITTREX:QRLBTC   Quantum Resistant Ledger / Bitcoin
Quantum Resistant Ledger is a project whose tech is unlike anything else out there today. No other crypto-currency uses XMSS to thwart attacks from quantum computing. By the time QC becomes a viable threat, I believe the masses will have already moved their funds to be secured by blockchains that are quantum resistant. If you didn't know, quantum computing will be able to break 99% of blockchains today, including Bitcoin , meaning that if you have ever signed a transaction using your private key, that address is vulnerable to QC and your funds can be stolen. Most projects are either ignoring this threat or kicking the can down the road, and by the time the attacks begin, it may be too late for most unfortunately.

At a minimum, QRL is a fantastic hedge, as a "just in case" safety net. Today it exists as an ERC20 token but will launch its own blockchain sometime in February-March. POW mining based on Monero's cryptonight through Q3 2018, then a switch to a POS algo developed in house by the team. Ephemeral messaging, PQ VOIP, VPN, token functionality and much more to come.

Many blockchain projects try to do everything, but some of the best investments are in projects trying to do just one thing very well. Once upon a time, Monero came out of nowhere and joined the top 10 club because it offered privacy tech that no one could match. QRL is ranked #179 on CMC . DYOR and tell me what you think.

See chart for a good window to enter a long position and the top of the fib chart is my target by June.
Bình luận: Hope you picked some up in the box, called that perfectly. Still not too late though if you want to catch a ride on Falcon Heavy.
Bình luận: Another chance from the gods to buy QRL below 15k sats!!!
Can you please update? will it go down till 8800?
Phản hồi
mychartslie djulik85
@djulik85, I dont think so, but man if it did thatd be awesome. Great buy opportunity. Dont buy all at once, just average in over a week or two and then be confident, and sit back and relax. We'll see a big bull run in the next month.
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