QRL Bullish cloud breakout 600% gains v BTC possible longterm

BITTREX:QRLBTC   Quantum Resistant Ledger / Bitcoin
Quantum             Resitance Ledger has broken up though the daily ichimoku cloud which is the most bullish price location. This is accompanied by a bullish tk             cross(blue crossing over red) although in the cloud and not above it is still a bullish signal, and lagging span is also above price and almost ready to enter cloud. The cloud resistance appears to be thinning in the future which is indication of a kumo twist coming up. These combined show indication of momentum change and beggining of an uptrend which is what Ichimoku system is designed to capture.

There is over 600% from the current price above cloud to previous all time high at nearly 0.001 satoshis.


first target- 0.0023 a previous high of pattern)

Stop loss-0.00011900 you can set below the top o the cloud or alternatively since the cloud is quite thin, you can set it to the Bottom of the cloud of the 1 day tenkan line which are both pretty close.

This set up will result in a risk to reward ratio of over 2:1 for inital target.

Adding some fundamental Analysis , from its website- "The Quantum             Resistant Ledger ( QRL             ) will be a first of its kind, future-proof post-quantum value store and decentralized communication layer which tackles the threat Quantum             Computing will pose to cryptocurrencies."

So with quantum             computing among other technologies set to arise in the future, QRL             could be a safety mechanism against more powerful computers that might be able to hack the blockhain.
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